Strategy Recommendation Pre-writing business Assignment

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Strategy Recommendation Pre-writing business Assignment

Activity Context Week 1

This assignment measures your development in the following course competencies:

Apply frameworks and theoretical concepts to systematically analyze business issues.
Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions.

Your Strategy Recommendation project, composed of several assignments, provides the opportunity for you to apply what you learn throughout this course. In this assignment, you choose the business that will be the focus of your strategy recommendation and use prewriting approaches to do some brainstorming about your project. Then write a coherent, one-page description of what you plan to explore and why, following the instructions below.


In Unit 2, you will identify resources to help you develop your strategy recommendation. In Unit 3, you outline your approach to the project. In Unit 4, you draft your strategy, and in Unit 6, complete your final strategy recommendation, both in a written document and in a PowerPoint presentation.

Activity Instructions

Read the Strategy Recommendation course project description to ensure that you understand what is required for your final project.
If you have not already done so, review the pre-writing resources in the Capella Writing Center. Choose a pre-writing approach that makes sense to you as a good way to come up with some initial ideas for a strategy recommendation. You might want to pay particular attention to:
Idea trees.
Free writing.

Based on what you come up with in your pre-writing, create a one-page draft of your ideas for your project, which does at least the following:

Identifies the specific business (for example, Barnes and Noble, Mike’s Plumbing) that you will use for your strategy recommendation.
Explain why you chose this business. For example, you might have chosen it because you are a customer and think they could do a better job. Or perhaps you know the owners of this business. Maybe it is a business or industry that is of particular interest to you. The key idea is that, over the next five weeks, you will be working in some depth on this business. Picking a business that interests you will make the whole project more engaging for you and the results potentially more valuable.


When you complete the first three items above, set aside another few minutes to think about how you used a particular pre-writing approach to generate this draft. Describe how you used the pre-writing approach, and reflect on how it might have helped your process.

When you have finished, submit your assignment directly to your instructor in the assignment area of the courseroom. Note: Do not use Turnitin for this assignment.

Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.

Optional Help – Creating Course Papers

The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare to research and write your final course project and to allow your instructor the opportunity to approve and comment on your topic choice.

As with all your papers at Capella, you should ensure this is well written, well organized, and easy to read. Use subheadings to organize your paper. Be thorough. When you think you are all done with your paper, revisit these directions and ensure that you met every requirement. You can also click on the Strategy Recommendation Pre-writing scoring guide in the Resources to see the criteria that your instructor will use to grade your work.



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