SARA Model / COPPS Concept

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SARA Model / COPPS Concept
Read and analyze the below scenario.

Officers assigned to your district have been responding to a number of noise complaints, reckless driving, and fight calls in the area of 7500 Madison Avenue. This area contains a number of restaurants, bars, and several strip malls that attract juveniles and young adults. Within the past week, there have also been three gang-related drive-by shootings and seven gas drive-offs. A majority of the underage adults are attracted to the area by a dance club located in one of the strip mall centers and two all-night fast-food restaurants. All three locations attract large crowds that loiter and drink alcohol in their parking lots. The owners of the shopping centers have also complained about thousands of dollars in vandalism by the loitering youths.

Explain how you would apply the COPPS concept by using the SARA problem-solving process.



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