Counseling Transcription Assignment

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Counseling Transcription Assignment

In this transcription assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to apply advanced counseling skills, theory, and critical analysis. After conducting the video recording for observation 2, select a 15-minute segment of that session to transcribe for this assignment. This segment can be one that you find critical or necessary to analyze for your growth as a counselor-in training. Please transcribe verbatim (continuous) in the template provided. Include 1) Verbatim transcription of a 15-minute video for observation #2, 2) analyze each column for skills and competencies, 3) analysis of critical thinking, and 4) evaluation of responses

100 points.

You must watch the counseling video that was recorded with the student in order to complete this assignment. The 13 year old student is always getting in trouble with her mother for breaking the house rules. Her mother expects her to act older and be more responsible. She occasionally gets angry and punches her pillows.

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