COUN 506 Exam 2 (Liberty University)

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COUN 506 Exam 2 (Liberty University)

  1. Which list below provides some of the best suggestions for building a therapeutic relationship in a Christian counseling session?
  2. What would a counselor do as an “engineer” as relates to multi-tasking in Christian counseling?
  3. One counseling benefit of Nouwen’s polarities model of spiritual formation is that we find clues as to typical counseling problems. If a client was at the “loneliness” end of the pole, he/she might be struggling with
  4. Although a counselor cannot magically make suffering disappear, how might a counselor provide immediate relief?
  5. The lecture talked about internal dissonance as one reason for personal suffering. What can we say about that?
  6. From the lecture discussion of the METAMORPH Grid, what is a true statement below?
  7. The lectures talked about creating “free space” in the process of counseling suffering clients. What is a true statement from that discussion?
  8. How does the rate limiting factor mentioned in the lecture and by McMinn relate to counseling?
  9. What is the idea behind the faith tradition vs. the formation tradition in the context of spirituality; why is focusing on our formation tradition important in counseling?
  10. According to the lecture, if someone were asked: “What is spirituality?”, how would they answer if they were coming from a post-modern point of view?Term Paper Help, Research Paper Help, Essay Help
  11. If we take into account the Formation Field approach to spiritual formation in our counseling, what is true?
  12. From the lecture, when we define Christian counseling as a spiritual enterprise, what can we say?
  13. What is a main insight in Nouwen’s polarities model?
  14. From the lecture, McMinn discusses “Three Continuous Assessment Dimensions.” Which statement below is NOT one of them?
  15. The lecture talked about “hospitality” as one way for a counselor to respond to suffering. How might a counselor exercise hospitality?
  16. In counseling suffering people, what principle is true from the lectures?
  17. What propels a level of professionalism in Christian counseling?
  18. With regard to how a counselor’s temperament affects counseling, what can we say?
  19. What determines what you emphasize in counseling and the techniques you choose
  20. In the context of the discussion of Christian counseling as a spiritual enterprise, the lecture talked about “receiving grace” and “refining grace.” What is the main idea behind that discussion?
  21. One way to move your counselee from “stranger” to friend, is to ask the tough questions.
  22. There is little connection between a counselor’s worldview and the theory that a counselor chooses to promote healing.
  23. A purpose of the METAMORPH grid is to help a Christian counselor focus on factors that affect human behavior and emotions.
  24. Considering the lecture discussion of the five roles of a Christian counselor, we find that the role of “participant” has characteristics similar to establishing “solidarity” mentioned in a different lecture.
  25. With regard to attribution theory, as counselors we need to recognize that people are responsible for their own behavior but at the same time also respond to external events.
  26. The key idea of spirituality is to have a unified life
  27. In counseling suffering clients, looking at body language may help you identify some of your client’s  faulty thinking about suffering.
  28. In the Bible the _____________ is conceived as the writers’ attempt to sum up the various components of psychological, spiritual, and relational health in human beings, which also affect the physical aspects of life.
  29. A healthier, more productive view of _______________ is to see them as indicators and motivators.
  30. The counselor must assess whether the client’s view of their _________ is healthy or unhealthy.
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