STR 581 Week 5 Learning Team Capstone review

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STR 581 Week 5 Learning Team Capstone review

Learning Team

Capstone review II

Review the sample final exam and compare the answers from 34 through 77 as a team

Select one topic per person from Finance and Accounting sections. Subtopics can be found in the sample exam. The remaining sections should be reviewed individually or used as discussions within the team.



· Corporate finance

· Investments

· Financial markets and institutions

· Relevant cost

· Resource planning and analysis

· Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis

· Product costing

· Financial reporting and analysis

Submit one slide per person that provides a review of the topic and subtopics

Post the slides to your teams forum by Monday at a time agreed to by the team and turn in one file that pulls each slide into one file as a team project

Format your presentation using APA guidelines that includes references to the sources for the material



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