PH220 Homework Assignment Vibrations, Waves and Sound

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PH220 Homework Assignment Vibrations, Waves and Sound

Chap. 11, #8. (II) A mass m at the end of a spring vibrates with a frequency of 0.88 Hz. When an additional 680-g mass is added to m, the frequency is 0.60 Hz. What is the value of m?

Chap. 11, #14. (II) It takes a force of 80.0 N to compress the spring of a toy popgun 0.200 m to “load” a 0.180-kg ball. With what speed will the ball leave the gun?

Chap. 11, #16. (II) A 0.60-kg mass vibrates according to the equation (6.40t) where x is in meters and t is in seconds. Determine (a) the amplitude, (b) the frequency, (c) the total energy, and (d) the kinetic energy and potential energies when m.

Chap. 11, #36. (I) A fisherman notices that wave crests pass the bow of his anchored boat every 3.0 s. He measures the distance between two crests to be 6.5 m. How fast are the waves traveling?

Chap. 12, #2. (I) A sailor strikes the side of his ship just below the waterline. He hears the echo of the sound reflected from the ocean floor directly below 2.5 s later. How deep is the ocean at this point? Assume the speed of sound in seawater is 1560 m/s (Table 12–1) and does not vary significantly with depth.

Chap. 12, #6. (II) A person, with his ear to the ground, sees a huge stone strike the concrete pavement. A moment later two sounds are heard from the impact: one travels in the air and the other in the concrete, and they are 1.1 s apart. How far away did the impact occur? See Table 12–

Chap. 12, #10. (II) If two firecrackers produce a sound level of 95 dB when fired simultaneously at a certain place, what will be the sound level if only one is exploded? [Hint: Add intensities, not dB’s.]

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