Personal Vocational/Career Information Resource Guide

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Personal Vocational/Career Information Resource Guide

Career Counseling class

1)Topic: Personal Vocational/Career Information Resource Guide

For the Discussion this week, you began compiling a list of Web sites and other sources of information that might be useful to you and your specific clientele.
( Writer please note,I am a Marriage ,Couple and Family counselor in training, working with Ethnic group of population,Islamic ,mostly south Asian,Arabs etc)
In this Application, you will take a next step and begin to develop a personal resource guide consisting of CIDS including CIDS for your state, and other job search sites and information sources.

Review the material from the course text focusing on the information about CIDS.

Explore sites/information sources in addition to those you explored for the Discussion.

Return to a search engine to find other sites and sources of information.
Keep track of those sites and sources that you would like to include in a personal vocational/career information guide, one that would
be useful for your specialty area, in your state, and for your work setting and client population.

The assignment: (2 pages)


Set up a resource guide template, organized in a manner that is useful. You may wish to organize by type of site/source (e.g., National CIDS, state-based CIDS, etc.) or by vocation/career type/category, or however else makes sense to you.
Use the following as a template:

Career Information Resource Guide Template
I – Name of CIDS/Website
II – Type or category of resource: (State, National, Regional, Private, etc)
III – Affiliated organizations
IV – Group or population resource is intended to serve
V – Goals and objectives applied to resource
VI – Activities, assignments, or tasks to assist client in achieving these goals and objectives
VII – Strengths of the resource
VIII – Weaknesses of the resource
Place the items from the list you made in preparation for the Discussion and enter them into the template. For each, write a brief description of the site/source, explain how you would use the information, and designate the client population for which it would be appropriate.
Continue exploring CIDS and job information sources—from those listed in the text and those you searched out for the Discussion (in addition to any other searches you might like to conduct now).
Add the sites/sources you find useful to your developing personal resource guide. For purposes of this Application assignment, you should have the two sites you listed for the Discussion plus 4 others, for a total of 6 resources.
Support your Application assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for

Writer please note ,you Must Set up a resource guide template, when writing this paper with the above mentioned instructions



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