HRM-590 Human Resource Management – All 7 Weeks Discussions – Devry HRM590 HRM 590, A+ Tutorials

w1 dq1 – HRM Trends

w1 dq2 – Strategic HRM

w2 dq1 – Employment Laws

w2 dq2 – HRM Legal Compliance

w3 dq1 – Job Analysis

w3 dq2 – Forecasting and Planning

w4 dq1 – Strategic Staffing

w4 dq2 – Employee Socialization and Retention

w5 dq1 – Performance Management

w5 dq2 – Evaluating Employee Performance

w6 dq1 – Pay for Performance Salary Decisions

w6 dq2 – Case Scenario

w7 dq1 – HRM and Technology

w7 dq2 – Global HRM


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