HRM 445 Week 3 Employee Privacy Memos

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HRM 445 Week 3 Employee Privacy Memos

Employee Privacy Memos

Select three scenarios from the following list:

· Situation 1: A recent report from the store’s loss prevention director identifies that losses have increased by 10%, but actual customer traffic has remained steady, and, on a few days, decreased slightly. Store management is concerned with employee theft. A number of the women in the store carry large handbags that can easily conceal merchandise. The store also employs both male and female students who bring their backpacks, which is another way employees can remove merchandise without detection. The store director has decided that all female employees are required to carry their personal items in a company-issued clear vinyl bag.

· Situation 2: The CEO read in recent business news that the average time employees spend working is 6.5 hours. The report identified personal e-mail use, online browsing, and phone calls as primary sources for detractors from work time. The CEO now wants e-mails and phones calls to be monitored, not for quality control, but to discover work-related violations and abuse.

· Situation 3: Your organization has just merged with another company. The state in which the main office is located does not have a concealed gun law. One of the new locations has a concealed gun law. The company banned firearms and weapons of any kind from the property, which includes the parking lot. You are concerned that employees may leave firearms and weapons locked in their cars now that guns are prohibited from the physical premises. The CEO wants random searches of cars.

· Situation 4: With health care costs rising, some organizations are using genetic testing in the preemployment, postoffer medical exams. The organizations claim the tests are for employee safety (employees with a specific illness may be affected by the chemicals produced during product production); in reality, some of the organizations are attempting to reduce their risk of incurring higher health care premiums by avoiding individuals with potential health issues. The executive team at your organization is considering a similar action.

· Situation 5: An organization provides lockers for employees to store personal items securely. The employees are required to provide their own personal lock. The company, as part of their risk management program, wants to begin random and regular searches of the lockers.

· Situation 6: The board of directors and CEO are filling some vacancies on the executive team. As part of the executive perks, the organization provides comprehensive insurance, which requires a medical history.

· Situation 7: The organization has done drug testing for some time; however, they want to switch to a method that detects past use. Some say that a hair follicle test can detect drug use up to three months prior. Some employees became aware of this through the company grapevine and threatened to shave their heads. Your CEO suggested requiring blood tests from those who did not provide a hair follicle.

· Situation 8: Through a postoffer, preemployment physical exam, the employee is noted to have a health issue that is not inhibiting the person from performing the essential functions of the job, but could raise the organization’s insurance premium.

· Situation 9: An employee is injured while on the job. The employee is up for a promotion in another area of the company. The supervisor wants all the information related to the injury.

· Situation 10: The supervisor comes to your office and wants to see the employee’s file. You provide the supervisor the file. The supervisor asks for the results from the drug test, the medical follow-up for the work-related injury a year ago, and the employee’s legal right to work in the United States.

Write a 350-word memorandum for each selected scenario in which you clearly state the challenge and risk to the organization, the laws that govern the situation, and a course of action to ensure compliance. For each situation, select a different audience for your memo from the following list:

· Employee

· Executive leadership

· Management

Be sure to include in-text citations in your memo, as appropriate, using APA format and include a list of references.

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