How have science and technology impacted society?

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How have science and technology impacted society?

Families and social relationships have undergone significant changes in the modern era, and scientific/technological advancements have played a major role in the North American society. For example, the advancements in science/technology have i) led to women’s movement, ii) changed youth culture, and iii) changed Dating habits of people in the North American society.

To what extent have the advances in science/technology impacted North American society? Please explain your reasoning.

Science and Technology. It is a combination almost as American as peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and apple pie, or fireworks and the Fourth of July. In most mainstream newspapers across the nation there is a special section called SciTech devoted exclusively to the wonders and possibilities as well as the promised and fulfilled miracles made possible through this amazing combination. Many people pine for the “good old days” of yesterday. However most of those in this category are actually longing for the morality and society of yesterday not the technology.

Can anyone seriously wish for the days of shared party phone lines, cars that had to be started with a hand crank, childhood polio or oceanic as opposed to airline travel? Of course not! Most of us love the convenience of our cell phones. We love our shiny new cars some of which don’t even need a key anymore we just push a button and they start up. Diseases have been seriously diminished through the wonders of health technology. With these wonders we have overcome smallpox, polio and a wide range of other debilitating and potentially lethal diseases. And travel has also been revolutionized by technology. Gone are the days of trips to Europe that used to take 10 days. We now get there in 10 hours and still complain about the “long” trip.



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