Global Business Plan Project

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Global Business Plan Project


Every organization conducts research to plan and implement a business idea. This project is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan. These activities offer flexibility for many settings related to global business enterprises. The framework may be used for planning global expansion of an existing product or service, or may be used to research a new foreign business opportunity. Each module of this project is designed to gather information for one component of an international business plan.

The final result of your global plan may be in one of the following formats:

· a written report with supplementary tables and visuals ( preferred ).

· an oral presentation with visuals ( not in this class ).

· a summary in a poster format or other visual display (web site, video, newsletter; acceptable if online access and/or uploadable to Canvas ).

Note: While the research components in each module are designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of this aspect of a business plan, selected items may be used to gather information for a specific element.

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Phase 1 – Planning the Global Business Enterprise

MODULE 1 – Identifying Global Business Opportunities

· Determine potential international markets for existing or proposed goods and services

MODULE 2 – Analyzing International Competitors

· Identify domestic and international companies involved in similar business global business activities

MODULE 3 – Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment

· Examine geographic and economic factors that affect the business environment of a nation

MODULE 4 – Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment

· Research social institutions, customs, traditions, and beliefs influencing business

MODULE 5 – Assessing the Political-Legal Environment

· Research the influence of government and regulations on business activities

PHASE 2 – Organizing for Global Business Activities

MODULE 6 – Selecting a Global Company Structure

· Suggest objectives and an organizational framework for global business operations

MODULE 7 – Financing Sources for Global Business Operations

· Project start-up costs and funding sources for international operations

MODULE 8 – Creating a Global Management Information System

· Identify needed databases and information systems to facilitate international business activities

MODULE 9 – Identifying Human Resources for Global Business Activities

· Gather information on needed personnel for operating an international enterprise

MODULE 10 – Managing International Financial and Business Risks

· Identify methods for reducing global business risks

PHASE 3 – Implementing the Global Market Plan

MODULE 11 – Product and Target Market Planning for Foreign Markets

· Identify specific attributes and customer benefits for a proposed international product or service

MODULE 12 – Designing a Global Distribution Strategy

· Analyze distribution channels and intermediaries for global business operations

MODULE 13 – Planning a Global Promotion Strategy

· Suggest advertising messages, media and other promotional activities for an international enterprise

MODULE 14 – Selecting an International Pricing Strategy

Recommend a global pricing strategy based on costs, market demand, competition, and economic environment

PHASE 4 – Implementing the Global Market Plan

MODULE 15 – Determining Financial Results

· Estimate revenue and costs based for international business activities

MODULE 16 – Measuring International Business Success

· Suggest potential criteria for global business accomplishments based on financial results and social contributions

Global Business Plan Project

1. Identifying Global Business Opportunities

Learning Goals

1. To assess factors that create international business opportunities

2. To identify potential global business opportunities for various foreign markets

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Some organizations attempt to expand their international operations by seeking foreign markets appropriate for existing products and services. Other enterprises assess foreign business environments in an attempt to meet needs in those markets.

In this first module, you will conduct a preliminary assessment of geographic, economic, social-cultural, and political-legal factors that create global business opportunities in foreign markets. Also, you should consider how technology could create new foreign business opportunities by expanding possibilities for production, marketing, and distribution of goods and services.


Global Business Opportunities

Potential foreign business opportunities may be viewed in two major categories:

A. Various country factors create international business opportunities. These include:

· Natural resources, agricultural products, or geographic factors (climate or terrain)

· Level of economic development and infrastructure

· Cultural characteristics, social activities, or demographic trends

· Changing political situations or legal factors

· Technology that may enhance production or distribution of an item

B. Existing companies attempting to expand into new markets around the world—List several possible global business opportunities that would be the basis for new or expanding international business operations. These business opportunities may be consumer goods or services; or organizational goods and services, sold to businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals, hotels, or other organizations.

Examples of global business opportunities include: processing of fresh fruit in Chile for distribution around the world; sale of water filtration systems in developing economies; sale of food products adapted to the tastes of different cultures; development of cellular telephone systems in countries with a weak communication infrastructure; and expansion of fast-food restaurants into countries with expanding economies.

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