Fuqua v. Horizon/CMS Healthcare Corporation Homework Assignment

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Fuqua v. Horizon/CMS Healthcare Corporation Homework Assignment

1.What specific lessons can a nursing home administrator learn from Fuqua v. Horizon/CMS Healthcare Corporation? What do you think may have been the basis for awarding huge punitive damages in this case?
2.On what basis did both the trial court and the appellate court rule in favor of Richard Smith? Who should be held liable? Discuss the liability in this case from the perspective of both personal liability and corporate liability. Please refer to chapter 5 in your textbook.
3.What is HIPAA? How does HIPAA apply to long-term care facilities?
4.What are the main types of ownership of long-term care facilities (LTC)?
5.Identify and discuss four rights that a patient in a LTC facility has. Why are these important to a patient?
6.Discuss the concept of liability. What are the different types that can be found in the long-term care setting?
7.What is contract law? How does it apply in the long-term care industry? How can a contract be breached?



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