Ethical Issues: Various Theories and Concepts

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Ethical Issues: Various Theories and Concepts

Details: Discuss the following theories/concepts: Utilitarianism, Rights and Justice, The Market System, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Kantianism, Egalitarian Theory, Libertarianism, and Virtue Ethics. Summarize and analyze these theories/concepts.

Objective: Describe basic ethical issues facing today’s society.

Explain the prevalent theories and definitions in ethics.

Defend a personal position on ethical issues.

Use case studies to evaluate and apply theories in support of a personal position on ethical issues.


Corporations commonly utilize groups to accomplish goals. Groups are able to add diversity and resources for improved effectiveness. With this in mind, the skill of effectively working in groups will continue to be of importance in your professional life.

You recently applied for a position within a multinational corporation and have been offered a position. However, this position requires a multitude of group work. You are aware that groups are not static or all the same, but rather that groups vary. Groups and teams also change and development over time. In the past, you have had both positive and negative experiences of group work.

As you begin your new task (with a strict deadline) as a group, the group determines to divide the work among the group members and then collaboratively compile the work to complete the report. You soon become aware that not everyone is completing the same amount of work or applying the same efforts. You are faced with the dilemma of confronting the team member or completing his/her share of the work.

If you choose to voice your position, you risk the chance of confrontation possibly affecting the cohesiveness of the group and even heighten the chance for the group to fail the completion of the task. If you choose to remain silent about the issue, you will be doing more than your share of the work, but the group as a whole will succeed in completing the goal.



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