Assignment Reading Instruction and Research by the NRP (2000)

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Assignment Reading Instruction and Research by the NRP (2000)

What are the 5 areas considered key to reading instruction and research by the NRP (2000)? Please list below.

Select any two of the 5 key areas identified by the NRP. Describe the two areas you selected. State how to assess whether a child/ person has a deficit in the areas identified. Then, describe an activity that could be used in intervention for the child.

What is the problem that was identified with regard to the NRP recommendations? Tip: Explain what populations were included and which were excluded from the research reviewed that the panel used to develop their recommendation.

In addition to phonemic awareness and phonological analysis, students are required to also have skills in what area of language that is key to vocabulary learning, reading fluency and comprehension? Identify one research study that provides evidence for clinical focus in the identified area.

How might you make a claim that attachment may impact literacy (reading or writing)?

Name 3 preliterate skills that may be observed in the age 0-3 population. What is the role of the SLP regarding literacy skills for children in the 0-3 age group.

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