ASHFORD HCA 421 Week 3 Assignment Future Direction of Health Care

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ASHFORD HCA 421 Week 3 Assignment Future Direction of Health Care

Future Direction of Health Care. In a three- to five-page paper (excluding the title and reference page):

1) Describe a minimum of five challenges from the list below that are defining the future strategic direction of health care.

§ Proposed health care reform and legislation

§ Information technology advancements including the electronic medical, or health, record (EMR/EHR)

§ Accreditation, quality of healthcare, and organizational compliance

§ Economics, including third party payers, future funding, rising costs, the Medicare and Medicaid programs

§ Access to health care including the uninsured and those in the poverty levels

§ Public entities in controlling the demand aspects of health service

§ Market shares and advancing age of population

§ Maintaining a skilled workforce

§ Pay for Performance

2) Describe how an organization can adapt its direction and strategies accordingly.

Incorporate and cite a minimum of two industry related sources into your paper, with at least one from ProQuest. You must follow APA guidelines.



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