American Revolution and Slavery Term Paper

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American Revolution and Slavery Term Paper

1. What factors influenced the different patterns of development/ economies of the Northern colonies as compared to the Southern colonies? How did these factors facilitate the introduction/spread of slavery?
2. Why did the communities in different various colonies develop so differently? What, for example, accounts for the predominance of plantations and rural communities in the South as opposed to the prevalence of towns and cities in the North?
3. In what ways did the roles of the Enlightenment/religion play in the political development of the Colonies?
4. How did the French and Indian War affect the economic, political and social relationship between Great Britain and the Colonies?
5. In what ways did the Colonies express their resentment towards Britain? Which Colonies were the most vocal?
6. Describe, in detail, some of the punitive measures that the British government took against the colonies.
7. How did American war aspirations change over the first year of the Revolution? What factors sparked these changes?
8. What decisions by the leaders of both the American and British military forces proved crucial to the American victory in the Revolution? Why were these decisions so important?
9. Analyze George Washington’s leadership during the American Revolution. What role, if any, did his leadership have on the outcome of the war?
10. How did the war change the lives of the various groups within American society, including Loyalists, minorities, women, and Indians?
11. In your opinion, which was the primary factor in the American revolt (economic, social or political)? Please explain in detail and give examples.
12. How did Mary Jemison’s role as a white woman influence her response(s) to the American Revolution? How does her Seneca name (two voices falling), embody her position and ideals?



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